Managed Cloud Solutions

Estrada uses a combination of on-call support staff as well as a fully managed helpdesk to provide you with onsite support as required and vital support during times of outages. Our helpdesk is manned 24/7/365 with fully trained staff who have immediate access to your system and can see any immediate errors in order to provide remediations as quickly as possible.

This system keeps costs to a minimum and allows us to get on with providing you with fast effective support, when you need it. We are able to offer comprehensive IT management, including unlimited on-site, phone and remote support, for as little as £20 per workstation per month, with SLA’s ranging from basic off peak support to 24/7/365 proactive managed IT support. You decide what levels of support you need and what budget you can afford, and we build your SLA around that, always ensuring that you have peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your IT is in good hands.

Why move to the Cloud?

IT Cloud Solutions

Put simply, moving your computing environment to the cloud means that you no longer have to worry about the server in your office crashing and all your email, data and work being lost or unavailable.

The systems that you use are all stored and managed remotely, with backups, updates and maintenance all being managed in the background. You never have to worry upgrading hardware as its all done for you – you simply need a computer that is connected to the internet and you will have access to everything immediately and, changes you make to any work you do are replicated to all other users, staff or customers on the fly.

Backups are also managed remotely and normally available in multiple locations so that in the event of the servers you are using they will remain up and you won’t even know – that’s our job, we will tell you there has been an issue but you won’t have to worry about it or do anything – you can carry on working as normal.

Some characteristics of cloud computing include:

  • Service-provided internet connectivity
  • No server purchase needed
  • Scalability
  • No client provided server licensing required
  • No hardware warranties to keep up with
  • Increased productivity
  • Two-stage cloud computing protection process
  • Data security
  • High-speed applications

Have your business up and running 24/7 with a cloud computing service that consistently provides around-the-clock security. When you invest in cloud management with Estrada, you invest in a service that increases the adaptability and flexibility of your business, giving you more time to build and expand your business.

Allow us to express our commitment to enhancing business continuity by implementing services made to encourage the growth of your business. Contact us to get a free, no obligation onsite audit and quote for moving to the cloud. We will explain clearly and concisely what you need to do, taking into consideration your business and its unique needs and requirements.

We will highlight any areas that need special attention along with any potential problems or pitfalls and of course we’ll show you all the benefits of moving your company to an entirely cloud based system.

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