• Sector: Leisure
  • Work: Leased Line

The Golf Club’s Network was experiencing severe performance issues which was having an adverse effect on its services and costing the club business. Estrada identified performance issues in connectivity and designed a new network, delivering a new ultra-fast 100MBPS Leased Lined connection. We worked with Silvermere to migrate their entire network, ensuring that all crucial services remained available and were unaffected throughout.

Engage Business Media

  • Sector: B2B Media
  • Work: Cloud Migration

EBM wanted to move all company systems to the cloud. We worked with them to get this migration over the line in time for their biggest ever event. The result was incredible – EBM were able to keep things running completely uninterrupted from start to finish, and the new systems meant that they captured more leads, kept in contact with ongoing business and still managed to stay on top of everything.


  • Sector: Legal Services
  • Work: Cloud Migration

As a legal company the ability to react is of paramount importance. With VPN’s into servers and disconnected services this was becoming increasingly difficult. In a simple two-stage process we moved all their data to the cloud and migrated all their email over to office 365. They were immediately able to work on files wherever they wanted to, and on whatever device the had available. Job done.

Meadway Homes

  • Sector: Construction
  • Work: Cloud Migration

Meadway Homes pride themselves on attention to detail. They needed the ability to quickly and accurately assess work with their partners and clients. All data and email was migrated to the cloud within a very short space if time allowing them to quickly consolidate projects and collaborate on joint ventures. As a result of their migration Meadway have halved the ongoing cost of their IT and moved to a monthly pay-as-you-go model.

Jill Zander

  • Sector: Health & Beauty
  • Work: 24/7 Support - Virus Removal

Providing 24/7 support as well as securing the network proved to be one of our biggest challenges yet. Ransomware threatened to destroy all company data. We not only managed to safeguard the data but also to isolate and backup new data and provide alternate systems to work with around the clock during the outage.

Darby Medical

  • Sector: NHS
  • Work: VoIP Phone Integration

The sheer cost of telephone systems was a real issue for Darbys. We reduced their TCO as well and ongoing costs by over 50%. ISDN lines have been migrated alongside new fast, feature-rich VoIP lines before being phased out. The integration of the new system has been absolutely amazing, allowing integration with applications data and services that was previously not possible.