About us

andy petri

Hi, I’m Andy Petri and I founded Estrada in 2003. I was originally a Microsoft Technical Trainer/Enterprise Network IT Support/Project Manager and have seen from first-hand experience the rapid speed of change. From the days of onsite servers requiring extensive set-ups and ongoing maintenance, to the digital workplace transformation we are all currently experiencing.

Estrada understands the needs of a typical small business, and we communicate in “Plain English” and help advise using nearly 20 years of experience on where and how a company should move forward in the fast-paced world we live in.

We help guide you through the myriad of digital solutions available and help you make sense of what is out there, what systems you need in order to grow your business and we’ll support you too. We support all market leading cloud-based and on-premise solutions which include IT Security, Office 365, Cloud Storage, VoIP systems, collaboration and more.

I’m proud to have built up a first-class reputation and business network in the Surrey area. I am always happy to have an informal discussion and offer the best advice – Just get in touch: For an informal chat about how you can grow your business digitally, call me directly on 020 3551 3982.