Backup & Disaster Recovery

Whether you have been taking measures to protect the data of your business on your own or your business is currently outpacing its data protection solutions, our data protection services work to optimize the productivity and efficiency of your business. We take the tasks you shouldn’t have to handle off of your hands and ensure that your data stays current and readily-available when you need to retrieve it, no matter the circumstance.

Those who attempt to manage data protection on their own often end up dealing with costs that far surpass that of an effective IT managed data protection service. Unfortunately, this cost doesn’t even pay off in the completeness of the data protection. We provide 24/7 support, updating your data as frequently as every 15 minutes to the cloud system. Not only does your data stay up to date, but our IT company is constantly working to stay up-to-date on the latest cyber threats. Staying ahead of the curve is a critical component of effective managed data protection that not many IT services implement well. We’ll provide high-grade, up-to-date data protection and security, counteracting all cyber threats and preventing the dreaded data breach. We are dedicated to preserving your data and the continuity of your business.

Your business needs a data protection service that eliminates the need to prepare for data breaches but provides exceptional service when needed. Our goal isn’t to be prepared for when these disastrous events happen, but to be fortified against them. At Estrada, we believe that preparation is key and so is the need for protected security. Should your business ever be impacted by a data breach, we provide a data backup solution that results in quick and dependable data recovery.

A few key features of our managed data protection services include:

  • Reliable managed data experts
  • Frequent Incremental Backups
  • Reduction of the need for Storage Space
  • Old File Rapid Recovery
  • Increased Productivity
  • Saved Workload of Your Servers
  • Reduced Network Traffic
  • Quick Access to Restored Applications
  • Drastically Reduced Backup Time
  • Ability to Recover Data to Dissimilar Hardware
  • Supports Physical and Virtual Servers
  • Recover Data from Nearly Any Point in Time
  • Expect Immediate Response Times
backup and disaster recovery

At Estrada, our managed data protection solutions prepare for more than the “what-if’s”. We work to enact data protection solutions that are proactive in securing and maintaining critical applications for businesses in Houston and surrounding areas. We ensure that your information is readily available at all times, eliminating avoidable data breaches, downtime, and costly pitfalls. Feel free to contact us to request a quote for our managed data protection services and see what we can do for your business.