6 Types of Managed IT Services

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6 Types of Managed IT Services With The Potential To Transform Your Business

In today’s fast-paced and hyper competitive business environment, having a robust and efficient IT infrastructure is a crucial asset. While some companies maintain internal IT departments, a growing number recognise the immense value of partnering with managed IT service providers. These strategic alliances offer a wide range of benefits, from expert server deployment management to round-the-clock technical support.

But what exactly are managed IT services, and how can they transform your business operations? Discover how this strategic partnership can empower your business to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

IT Consulting

IT consulting provides businesses, regardless of their size, with valuable insights and expertise to optimise their IT strategies and operations. The service usually aligns technology initiatives with broader business objectives, ensuring that IT investments deliver maximum value and impact.

One of the key benefits of IT consulting is the ability to tap into specialised knowledge and experience. Estrada’s IT consultants bring a wealth of industry expertise and, because they are up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and trends, can offer the best advice. They can advise on various IT systems, software, and best practices, enabling them to provide tailored recommendations and solutions to meet a business’s unique needs.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find IT consulting a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an in-house IT team. It allows businesses to access the expertise of skilled IT professionals minus the financial burden of hiring and retaining full-time employees. Thus, SMBs can leverage the knowledge and capabilities of a larger enterprise, consequently levelling the playing field in the digital arena.

IT Help Desk Support Services

One of the primary benefits of IT help desk support is its ability for businesses to minimise downtime. Technical issues will arise, and every minute of system unavailability can result in lost productivity for the business. Having professional help desk support professionals working diligently to identify and resolve issues promptly minimises downtime. This ensures that employees can quickly get back to work.

Another crucial aspect is the expertise and knowledge that professional help desk support brings to the table. IT support teams are equipped with an understanding of various technologies, software applications, and systems. They remain up to date with the latest industry trends, best practices, and troubleshooting techniques. This expertise enables them to address various IT issues efficiently and effectively.

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Managed IT Security

Managed IT security services provide businesses with a proactive approach to protecting their digital presence. At Estrada, we have a team of dedicated IT security experts. Our team uses their expertise to identify and mitigate potential risks. This helps prevent security breaches and respond swiftly to incidents.

One of the key reasons businesses need to invest in managed IT security is the constantly evolving nature of cybersecurity threats. Hackers are continually exploiting new vulnerabilities and developing sophisticated techniques to exploit businesses. Thus, having a managed security service provider onboard protects businesses from the latest threat vectors. Our teams proactively monitor clients’ businesses to identify and neutralise threats as soon as they surface.

Investing in managed IT security also helps businesses comply with the latest industry regulations and standards. Businesses may be subject to specific data protection and security requirements depending on the sector. Here too, having a professional IT security team can be an invaluable asset.

Businesses that prioritise IT security also gain an inevitable competitive advantage. Customers and clients are increasingly concerned about protecting their data and the security practices of the businesses they engage with online. Thus, by demonstrating a commitment to robust security measures, businesses can build trust, attract new customers, and stand out from others in the industry.

Cloud Computing Management and Monitoring

One of the primary reasons businesses should consider third-party cloud computing management and monitoring is the expertise and specialised tools most service providers bring to the table. Managing and monitoring a cloud infrastructure requires in-depth knowledge of various cloud platforms, architectures, and best practices. Having a third party handle it ensures optimal performance, security, and cost-efficiency.

Service providers can provide real-time visibility into resource utilisation, performance metrics, and security incidents. Leveraging detailed insights helps businesses identify potential bottlenecks, optimise resource allocation, and proactively address security vulnerabilities. It also helps identify compliance gaps.

Having a dedicated team means businesses can retain their focus on core business objectives, innovation, and strategic initiatives leaving the operational aspects to the experts.

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Technology Procurement

Managed IT services can help with finding cost-effective solutions and helping to deploy the best ones tailored to your business’s needs. In other words, our teams have you covered for everything from buying new technology to monitoring and managing everything.

We will actively monitor system performance to help identify potential issues before they disrupt your business. Plus, we help you stay up to date on the most relevant issues that may be plaguing your business’s systems.

Data Management

The two most important parts of running an IT system or infrastructure is data backup and recovery. This helps to protect your business from potential loss of vital data, reducing the disruption felt by your business in the event of a significant incident.

Your company’s data is backed up on a fairly regular basis; this helps prevent data loss in the event of hardware failure. Even then, we can help recover lost data.

Final Word

Investing in managed IT services is a business decision that can yield numerous benefits for enterprises of all sizes. Partnering with experienced professionals helps businesses leverage their expertise. Using specialised tools helps streamline operations, enhance security, optimise costs, and drive innovation.

Our managed IT services provide businesses with the peace of mind of knowing their IT infrastructure is in capable hands. This allows them to focus on their core objectives and strategic initiatives. Businesses can unlock their full potential using proactive management, comprehensive monitoring, and expert support. If anything, it helps them stay ahead of the competition and confidently navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape.


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